Can’t win it? Review it!

Just over a year ago we had an unlucky period of time when nearly every appliance either broke completely or developed a fault. That is a serious amount of spending needed because washing machines and tumble driers, even the TV have become necessities in our everyday life…but I’d had enough of spending my money on boring, expensive but needed items and looked for an alternative…

I hadn’t won any of the competitions I’d entered to win any appliances, so short of robbing a bank I discovered another way which is reviewing products for companies.

I’d already been reviewing smaller products such as laundry pods through SuperSavvyMe, food from Tesco Orchard (now closed), various products from BzzAgent. Now for big appliances I approached 

I have a YouTube channel and reviewed my broken washing machine. I sent it to the review team who loved it and offered me a new washing machine to review and keep; this happened so quickly too, within 10 days! Here are some of my video reviews:

My first review for AO!

My second review for AO!

(You must wait 6 months from your review before you can be considered for your next review)

Amongst my AO reviews are other video reviews of appliances in my home, prize unboxings and competition entries.

The team at AO have been brilliant and I hope to review for them again in the future. It’s not easy and takes work to produce a good review (I hope mine are good! 🙈) but I really enjoy researching brands and testing out their products, practicing for my review, editing and finally getting it out for others to see (I do giggle to myself at how I sound because I don’t feel like I sound like that in my head! Hahahahaha!)

Last Christmas there was a competition for reviewers on the AO review team where I was chosen as their winner and chose the fabulous 4k TV they offered, my children have this in their playroom and think Mummy is very good winning them a much better TV than they had before!

If I win items I like to review them and upload photos to thank promoters, it’s a nice and appreciated thing to do 🍀

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My Mystery Pasta Sauce!

I am now a mummy to four children and over the years I’ve struggled to find a meal that everyone will eat and has lots of vegetables included. 

So, I finally decided to make my own pasta sauce. I have read various recipes and really want to share that you don’t have to stick to a recipe or be a brilliant cook to achieve this.

So, you just need a big saucepan, a hand blender and whatever veg is lurking in the bottom of your fridge plus some tinned tomatoes and stock (again whatever is in the cupboard!).

I bought a food processor with money given to us when we married but have rarely used the accessories, well the grater disc is AMAZING! I’ve grated carrots, courgettes…if it can be grated I shove it in!

In my big pan I gently fry onions, leeks and mushrooms then when they are soft I add all my grated vegetables and top that with a couple of tins of chopped tomatoes…

…then add a pint of stock (500ml), stir, bring to the boil then let it simmer with the lid on. I’d let it simmer for approximately 8 minutes turn off the heat and leave to cool. 

  • Because the veg is grated it doesn’t need a lot of time to cook.
  • As all the veg is being whizzed up wonky veg is great, don’t bin it, check which bits are still good and include them #LoveFoodHateWaste
  • Cook as big a quantity as you can store!

When cooled enough you can whizz it all up with a hand blender and transfer it into pots for storing in the freezer!

And that’s it, no great mystery…after the revelation that all my kids loved it and thought it was the best thing ever I told them about the veg in it and they didn’t mind – don’t disclose if you think your children will not take that information well! Hee hee!

I have a large stock pile in my freezer and use it on pasta serving as is or top with grated cheese and bacon pieces (I recently discovered that the really cheap bacon in my supermarket has the same meat/water ingredients but just odd cuts, I love these odd cuts – cheaper and chunkier pieces).

Bon appetit!

Welcome to my blog!

I’m often told ‘you know such a lot’ and ‘why do you know that?!’ which is a good one because I often wonder ‘why don’t You know that?!’ So, I’m starting a blog to group all my random knowledge but also to document my past and current journey through life!

I am a Thirty something Adventurer, Day Dreamer, Novis Baker, Maker, Opinionated, Entertainer, Wife & busy Mum of four or five if you include the Hubby.

Why Fabulously Frugal Frags? Well, Frags is an old family nickname that only a handful of people call me but since I started comping (I’ll write about my hobby soon) I’ve needed to make my social media names more unique so added frags in and now friends in that circle of my life have started to use it. I’m also incredibly frugal, some have mistaken that with being cheap or tight with my cash but that is not the case. I will invest my hard earned cash in quality but I have to take my time first, I do not impulse buy big. Then Fabulously, if you are going to do anything then do it with flare!

So, look forward to reviews, family news, recipes, comping, silliness, money saving, penny pinching, recycling, and rants!